1) Are free accounts ever deleted?
We don't delete free accounts.

2) How do I change my username?
You cannot change the username. If you email us your username and password we'll remove your account and you can re-register.

3) I've forgotten my password - how can I retrieve it?
You can click on the 'forgot password' link provided near the login button.

4) Why does it take a longer time to upload my images?
It may be that the image size is pretty bigger. Besides the upload limit, you should not cross the maximum upload limit available for your particular plan.

5) How do I allow my friends & family to view my album?
You can send them the link generated in the Share Album under the link 'Photo Album'.

6) Can I make only some of my albums private?
At the time of creation of an album you can check the check box that indicates a private album.

7) Should I keep backups of images that I upload to Ayurved.com?
Yes. It is recommended that you back up the images regularly.