Haemorrhagic diseases - Raktapitta

Appearance of fleshy swelling (MaSankura) in the anus, obstruction to the passage of gases, pain particularly on defecation, diminished appetite and constipation are the general signs and symptoms of ArSa. in addition to these, following are the specific symptoms of SuskarSa and Sravi ArSa.

a. SuskarSa: The piles which generally do not bleed are known as SuskarSa. This type of piles occur due to the dominance of Vayu and Kapha.

b. Sravi ArSa (RaktarSa): Sravi ArSa are the piles which occur due to the dominance of Pitta and Rakta. in this condition patient passes suddenly streaks of bright red blood with the stool. Sometimes it may bleed profusely leading to the complications like anaemia.

Single Drugs

1. Powdered root of Citraka (lead-wort) 1 g., to be taken with 100 ml. Takra (butter milk) twice a day.

2. Fruit of Yavani (ptycotis) 1 g. and Krsa Lavaa 1 g. to be taken with Takra (butter milk) twice a day.

3. Fruit rind of Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan) kept overnight in Gomutra (cows urine) is to be taken in 6 to 12 g. dose with Gua (jaggery), twice a day.

Simple Preparations

1. 16 g. powder of wood of Rakta Candana (red sandal) is to be kept in 400 ml. of water to make Siddha Jala. it is to be taken twice a day.

2. Powder of equal part of fruit pulp of Bilva (bael), Suhi (dried ginger), fruit of Yavani (ptycotis) and root of Citraka (leadwort), to be taken in 3 g. dose with Takra (butter milk) twice a day.

3. Prepare Suraa Kanda (amorophallus-elephants foot) by Puapaka method and its 12 to 25 g. is to be taken after mixing with 6 to 12 ml. of Sarsapa Taila (mustard oil) and 1 g. of Lavaa (common salt), twice a day.

Compound Preparations

1. Vijaya Cura: 3 to 6 g., to be taken with 50 ml. warm water twice a day.

2. Pathyadi Kvatha: 14 to 28 ml., to be taken twice a day.

External Applications

External application for allaying pain

Lepa prepared from the leaves of Bhanga (cannabis) to be applied over the anus.