Hemicrania - adha Kapala,Adha SiSi

An obvious swelling beneath the skin of the abdomen or the groin; it may disappear when you lie down and may be tender.
A heavy feeling in the abdomen that is sometimes accompanied by constipation or blood in the stool.

To cure the disease surgical intervention is necessary. in case of strangulated hernia immediate hospitalization is recommended.

Local Applications

1. Apply T bandage.

2. Apply Tila Taila (gingelly oil) and give hot fomentation.

3. Apply Eraa Taila (castor oil) on the abdomen and give hot fomentation.


Laghu Dravya like old rice of Sali variety, soup of Mudga (phaseolus bean), bulb of Rasona (garlic), Nimbu Panaka; fruits of Karavellaka (bitter gourd) and Paola (variety of small cucumber); leaves of Sigru (horse-radish) and Vastuka (a variety of chenopodium) are useful for this disease.


Dravya having Tikta, Kau and Kasaya Rasa and Ruksa and Guru properties; Tila (sesame) and Simbi Dhanya (legumes) are harmful for the patients ofAntra Vrddhi.