infantile cirrhosis - Jigara Bahana; Tilli Bahana

The child passes pink, yellow, red or white coloured and foul smelling stool frequently with noise. The stool may be gritty, viscid, acidic, soapy, oily or mucoid depending upon the Dosa involved.

Patient suffers from thirst, burning sensation, horripilation and fainting. Ulceration and sepsis around the anus may also occur.

Single Drugs

1. Powdered indrayava (kurchi seed), to be taken with honey twice or thrice a day.

Simple Preparations

1. Mix powder of Laja (paddy pop) in the decoction of root of Bilva (bael). if is to be taken with 5 to 10 g. Sarkara (raw sugar) thrice a day.

2. Powder of equal part of fruit pulp of Bilva (bael), flower of Dhataki (downy grislea), rhizome of Balaka (valerian), bark of Lodhra and Gaja-Pippali, to be taken with honey two or three times a day.

3. Powder of equal part ofAmrataka, fruit of Jambu (jamun) and fruit pulp ofAmra (mango), to be taken with honey thrice a day.

4. Decoction of 12 g. fruit pulps of Bilva (bael) andAmra (mango) prepared in 250 ml. water and reduced to 125 ml. to be taken 2 to 3 times in a day.

5. Decoction of equal part of Suhi (dried ginger), roots of Ativisa (indian atees) and Mustaka (motha), rhizome of Balaka (valerian) and indrayava (kurchi seed) to be taken thrice a day.

6. Make a Vai of 4 g. from equal part of powdered Rala (oleo-resin of Sala), Gua (jaggery) and Caaka (gram) and administer twice a day.