intestinal colic - amaSula

This disease comes in attacks at the interval of a month, fortnight or ten days during which patient passes loose motions. in between the attack patient suffers from constipation. The symptoms are generally relieved in the night. its other symptoms are rumbling sound in the intestine, lassitude, asthenia, indigestion and pain in lumber region. This disease is difficult to cure and requires the treatment for longer duration.

Compound Preparations

1. Pravala-Pacamrta: 120 to 250 mg. is to be taken with sufficient honey to make a paste thrice a day.

2. Svara-Parpai: 60 to 120 mg. is to be taken with sufficient honey to make a paste thrice a day.

The medicines prescribed under Grahai and Raja-Yaksma are also useful for the patient ofAntraksaya.


Boiled water should only be taken for the drinking purposes. Puraa Sali (old red rice), Vilepi (gruel) prepared from Mudga (phaseolus bean) and rice, soup of Masura (lentil); cows milk, Takra (butter milk), curd and butter; flower and fruit of Kadali (plantain), fruit rind of Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan), Jambira (lemon), fruits of Kapittha (wood apple), Bilva (bael) and Dadima (pomegranate), stem of Kamala (lotus) are the useful articles of diet for the patients of Grahai, Parvatiya Atisara andAntra-ksaya.


Guru and SnighdhaAhara and chillies are harmful for the patient of Grahai. Excessive intake of water, bath and exercise should be avoided.