Leucoderma - Sapheda Daga, Sunbahari

eucorrhea can be quite an uncomfortable condition, which leads to symptoms such as foul smelling vaginal discharge, headaches, fatigue, pain in the stomach and constipation too. Since these symptoms can lead to a lot of embarrassment as well as discomfort, most women choose to undergo leucorrhoea symptoms treatment in the early stages, so that the condition does not get any worse. However, most women prefer to opt for a leucorrhoea symptoms home remedy instead of using any medication. However, before using methods to deal with the vaginal discharge symptoms, it is important to identify the factors that have led to the condition.

Simple Preparations

1. Powder of equal part of flower of Madhuka (mahva), Triphala, root of Mustaka (motha) and Lodhar-1 to 3 g. to be taken with Suddha Sphaika (alum)-120 to 180 mg. and honey -4 to 6 g. twice a day.

2. Decoction of equal part of Rasajana, stem of Daruharidra (barberry), leaf of Vasa (vasaka), root of Mustaka (motha), whole plant of Kiratatikta (chirata), fruit pulp of Bilva (beal)-14 to 28 ml. to be taken with 4 to 6 g. honey twice a day.

Compound Preparations

1. Godanti Bhasma: 1 g. to be taken with 4 to 6 g. honey or 5 to 10 g. ghee twice a day.

2. Silajatvadi Loha: 1 to 2 Vai to be taken with Trivanga Bhasma-120 to 250 mg. with honey sufficient to make a paste twice a day.