Measles - Khasara

Sinking of the nose bridge, sinusitis, premature falling of teeth, ulceration of nose and eyes, erysipelas, round elevated patches, headache, discolouration of the skin, formation of tender nodules with swelling in the scrotum, paralysis, extreme burning sensation in the bones, rigidity, fistula etc. are the signs and symptoms caused by the mercury poisoning.

Sprinkling of cold water or ice bag on the hand, if the patient is restless

Simple Preparations

1. Narikela Jala (coconut water )-100 to 500 ml. to be taken many times a day.

2. Taula (rice) with Dadhi (curd) as much as required.

3. Soup of Mudga (phaseolus bean) -250 to 500 ml. to be taken with 100 to 200 g. Sarkara (raw sugar) two time in a day

4. Decoction of equal part of Triphala, rhizome of Kauki root of Satavari (wild asparagus), leaf of Paola (a variety of small cucumber-snake gourd), stem of Guuci, whole plant of Parpaa (five leaved fumitory)-14 to 28 ml. to be taken twice in a day.

5. Suddha Gandhaka-250 mg. to be taken with 4 to 6 g. honey twice a day.

External Applications

Massage with the following medicated oils.

1. Maricadi Taila.

2. Mahamaricadi Taila.

3. Narayaa Taila.

4. Vraa Raksasa Taila.

Medicines given under Vatarakta and Kusha should also be used if the symptoms of these diseases appear.


As given under Vatarakta or Kusha.


Seeds of Masa (black phaseolus bean), Masura (lentil), Satina (pea) and Kulattha (dolichos bean); Tila Pisi (sesame paste); Kusmaa (a variety of pumpkin gourd-white gourd), fruit of Karavellaka (bitter gourd), leaf of Sarsapa (mustard) and Kadali (plantain), fruit and leaf of Karkoaka; fruit of Pippali, (long pepper), seed of Nirmali (clearing nut), fruit of Krsa Jiraka (caraway), Tamra (copper), Taila (oils), and taking of food in Kansya (bronze) vessels are harmful for the patient suffering from mercury poisoning.