Mixed malarial fever - Juritapa, Pari Ka Bukhara

The initial symptoms of mumps infection are nonspecific (low-grade fever, malaise, headache, muscle aches, and loss of appetite). The classic finding of parotid gland tenderness and swelling generally develops the third day of illness. The diagnosis is generally made without the need for laboratory tests.

Simple Preparations

1. Gargle with the decoction of equal part of barks of Vaa (banyan), Udumbara (gular-fig tree), Pipala (peepal), Parasapipala and Plaksa.

Compound Preparations

1. Paca-Tikta Ghrta: 12 to 24 g., to be taken with 50 ml. warm water twice a day.

2. Maha-Tikta Ghrta: 12 to 24 g., to be taken with 50 ml. warm water twice a day.

3. Tikta Ghrta: 12 to 24 g., to be taken with 50 ml. warm water twice a day.

External Applications

1. Prepare Lepa (plaster) from bark of Pipala (peepal) and add to it 1 g. powder of Trikau and VaSalocana (bamboo manna) and apply on the affected part.

2. Lepa (plaster) of equal part of Gairika (ochre), Lavaa (salt), Suhi (dried ginger), rhizome of Vaca (sweet-flag), bark of Kaphala (box myrtle) and rhizome of Kauki prepared in Kaji is to be applied on the gland.

3. Lepa of equal part of seed of Kulattha (dolichos bean), bark of kaphala (box myrtle), Suhi (dried ginger) and fruit of Krsa Ajaji (caraway) prepared in water to be applied in the gland.

4. Lepa of DaSamula prepared in Gomutra (cows urine) is to be applied on the gland.

5. Lepa (plaster) of equal part of root of Bijapura (lemon), Tvak-Dalacini (cinnamon bark), Suhi (dried ginger), wood of Devadaru (deodar), stem of Cavya and root of Citraka (leadwort) prepared in water is to be applied on the gland.

6. Gargle with warm water containing common salt.


Puraa Sali (old red variety of rice), soup of seeds of Mudga (phaseolus beans), Masura (lentil), Caaka (gram) and Makusha (aconite leaved kidney bean); Godugdha (cows milk), Goghrta (cows ghee), Aja Dugdha and Ghrta (goats milk and ghee); Saanga Paniya, Usodaka (warm water); fruits of Vartaka (brinjal), Sigru (horse radish) and Paola (a variety of small cucumber); leaves of Vastuka (a variety of chenopodium white goose foot) and Tauliya (amaranth), Draksa (raisin or grape fruit), fruit of Daima (pomegranate), Lavaka Masa (partridge meat), SaSa Masa (rabbits meat), Kakkua Masa (cocks meat), Bartaka Masa (swans meat) are the useful articles of diet for the patients suffering from various types of fever. Patient should take complete rest during the illness.


Guru, Asatmya and Vidahi Anna, exercise, sexual intercourse, bath and walking are harmful for the patients of fever.