Mumps - Kanpeda

Symptoms Due to uncleanliness itching occurs around the anus of babies which may lead to formation of rashes or weeping pimples with itching and this condition is known as Ahiputana.

Care should be taken to ensure cleaning and change of napkins promptly as and when required.

Simple Preparations

1. Ghrta Siddha with equal part of seed of Latakaraja (bonduc nut), Triphala and fruit of Paola (a variety of small gourd) 1 to 3 g. is to be taken three times a day.

External Applications

1. Lepa of Rasajana is to be applied on the affected part.

2. Wash the affected part with warm water, or warm decoction of Triphala or rhizome of Haridara (turmeric) of bark of Babbula (babool) or bark of Udumbara (gular-fig) or bark of Khadira (catechu).