Prolapsus ani - Kaca NiskaSana

Arma is a disease in which a triangular patch of mucous membrane grown in the conjunctiva usually from the nasal side of the eye and spreads towards the pupil.

External Applications

Any one of the following preparations may be used locally in the eye.

1. Ajana of equal part of fine powder of Trikau and Saindhava (rock-salt) mixed with honey to make a liquid consistency.

2. Ajana of Candrodaya Varti in goats milk or warm water.

3. Make Kalka (paste) of fruit rinds of Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan), Vibhitaka (beleric myrobalan) andAmalaki (embelic myrobalan) in water, prepared its Bhasma by Antardhuma method and contuse with Svarasa (juice) or Triphala, then add equal part of Saindhava (rock-salt) in fine powder. it is to be used as Ajana.

4. Ajana prepared from the fine powder of equal part of Sarkara (raw sugar), ManaSila (arsenic rubrum), Elavaluka (aloe) and Suhi (dried ginger) with four times of its weight of Rasajana by mixing honey to make liquid consistency is to be applied in the eyes.

5. Take kalka (paste) of seed of Karaja (indian beech), fruit rind ofAmalaki (embelic myrobalan) and root of Yasimadhu (glycyrrhiza) and mix with honey to make drops. its 2 to 4 drops to be instilled in the eyes.

6. Lepa of equal part of root of Yasimadhu (glycyrrhiza), stamen of Kamala (lotus) and whole plant of Durva (doob grass) prepared in milk and mixed with Ghrta (ghee) one fourth of its weight is to be applied on the eye.