Scorpion sting poison - Bicchu Danka Jahara

Fevers (rare)
Painless swelling of lymph nodes in the neck and other areas of the body.
Sores (rare)

Single Drugs

1. Powdered root of Eraa 1 to 3 g. is to be taken with 50 to 100 ml. Gomutra twice a day.

2. Nirgui Taila 2 to 4 drops to be instilled in the nose.

Simple Preparations

1. Dissolve Bhasma of whole plant of Jalakumbhi in 7 times of its weight of Gomutra and filter 21 times. its 14 to 28 ml. is to be taken thrice a day.

Compound Preparations

1. Madhusnuhi Rasayana: 1 to 3 g., to be taken with water one hour before meal.

2. Kacanara Guggulu: 2 to 4 Vai, to be taken with warm water thrice a day.

External Applications

1. Prepare Lepa (plaster) from the seeds of Sarsapa (mustard), Sigru (horse-radish), Saa (a variety of hemp), Atasi (linseed), Yava (barley) and Mulaka (radish) in Amla Takra (sour butter milk). it is to be applied on the glands.

2. Oil obtained from the seed of Nirgui for massage.

3. Lepa of equal part of bark of Sigru (horse-radish) and wood of Devadaru (deodar) in sufficient quantity of Kaji is to be applied on Apaci.


Seed of Kodrava (a type of cereal), old Sali variety of rice, seeds of Yava (oat) and Mudga (phaseolus bean); fruit of Paola (a variety of small cucumber), leaf and fruit of Sigru (horse-radish) and fruit of Karavellaka (bitter gourd) are the useful articles of diet for the patients of Gaamala and Apaci.


Guru, Madhura and Amla Dravya, Masa (black phaseolus bean), sugarcane and milk products, potato, meat of amphibious animals are harmful for the patients of Gaamala and Apaci.