Scrofula - Kahamala

During monsoon owing to high moisture content and Amla Vipaka of Jala (water) indigestion occurs, which is known as Jalavayu Dosajanya Agnimandya.

it is generally advisable to take boiled water during the monsoon.

Single Drugs

ardraka (fresh ginger) - 5 g., to be taken with each meal.

Simple Preparations

1. Add to a glass of boiled water, Nimbu Svarasa (lemon juice) and 2 g. of Saindhava (rock salt). it is to be taken three times a day.

2. 1 g. powder each of Suhi (dried ginger) and Yavaksara, to be taken with water three times a day after meal.

3. Powder of equal parts of Lavanga (clove), fruit of MiSreya (fennel) and Yavani (ptychotis), and Via Lavaa (a salt) 2 to 4 g., to be taken with rice washing two times a day before meal.


Light diet, Vilepi (rice gruel) prepared from Sali variety of rice, Mudga Yusa (Phaseolus soup), Lajamaa (gruel prepared from pop of paddy), Takra (butter milk) and warm water;Ardraka (fresh ginger), Hingu (asafoetida) and Trikau; leaves of Cangeri (sorrel) and Vastuka (a kind of chenopodium); rhizome of Mulaka (radish); fruits of Paola (a species of small cucumber-snake gourd), Sigru (kind of horse radish), Karavellaka (bitter gourd), Daima (pomegranate) and Jambira (a variety of lemon) are useful for the patient of Agnimandya.


Guru and Recaka Dravya, cold water, Dusia Jala (non-potable water) are harmful for the patient of Agnimandya.