Sinusitis - Pinasa

Diarrhoea, discolouration, unusual feeling of small and taste, thirst diminished voice, vomiting, giddiness, fainting are the symptoms caused by the slow poisoning.

Treatment induce emesis (Vamana) with

1. Decoction of seed of Madanaphala (emetic nut)-1 liter to be taken with Saindhava (rock salt)-50 g. and honey- 50 g.

2. Eraa Taila (castor oil)-12 to 24 g. to be taken with 100 to 250 ml. milk.

Simple Preparations

1. Powder of equal parts of fruit of Pippali (long pepper), Kaa Trna, rhizome of Jaamansi (spikenard), Kaivarta Mustaka and Sauvarcala Lavaa-3 to 6 g. to be taken with 4 to 6 g. honey and ghee.

2. Ghrta Siddha with equal part of Kalka (paste) of fruit of Pippali (long pepper), Gandhatra, rhizorne of Jaamansi (spikenard), bark of Lodhra, seed of Ela (lesser cardamom), roots of Mustaka (motha), Tagara (valerian), Kusha (koot) and Yasimadhu (glycyrrhiza), wood of Candana (sandal), Suddha Gairika (purified ochre), and Sauvarcala Lavaa to be taken in 12 to 24 g. dose with 100 ml. warm water.