Sour buttocks - Cuna Lagana, Lali Padana

Decay at tissue and oozing of discharge with blood from the site of bite, appearance of pimples of varying size and shape with round and large periphery, intense inflammation which is soft to touch and black in colour, feeling of burning sensation and diarrhoea are the signs and symptoms caused by the spider biting.

External Applications

1. Powdered Saindhava Lavaa (rocksalt) or its very concentrated solution in water is to be applied at the site of the bite.

2. Lepa of any of the following preparations may be applied at the site of spider bite.

a. Lepa of bark of Lakuca (bread fruit tree) in water.

b. Lepa of Grha Dhumra (black of kitchen) in water.

c. Lepa of equal parts of Grha Dhumra (black of kitchen), rhizome of Haridra (turmeric), root of Majisha (madder), Saindhava (rock-salt) in water.

d. Lepa of bark of drugs of Pacaksiri in water.

e. Lepa of equal part of wood of Padmaka (wild cherry), root of Kusha (kooth), seeds of Ela (lesser cardamom) and Karaja (indian beech), bark of Arjuua (arjun), whole plants of Salapari (tricktrifoil), Arkapari, Apamarga (prickly chaff) and Durva (doob grass), and leaf of Brahmi (indian pennywort) in water.

f. Lepa of bark of Arjuna (arjun), fruits of Slesmataka (sebestain) andAmrataka (hog plum) in water.

g. Cold Lepa (plaster) of rhizome of Haridra (turmeric), stem of Daruharidra (barbery), root of Majisha (madder), wood of Patanga (sappan) and NagakeSara (indian ironwood flower stamen) in cold water.

Simple Preparations

1. Powdered fruit or Lakuca (bread fruit tree)-3 to 6 g. to be taken with water twice a day.

2. Decoction of Sirisa-14 to 28 ml. to be taken with latex of Vaa (banyan) twice a day.

3. Powder of equal part of Tvak-Dalacini (cinnamom bark), Suhi (dried ginger) 2 to 4 g. to be taken three times a day with 50 ml. water.

4. Powder of equal part of flower of Priyangu , fruit of Badara (jujube), root of Kusha (kooth) bark of Jalavetasa (salix), fruits of MiSreya (fennel) and Pippali (long Pepper) and VaaSunga (shoot of banyan) -6 to 12 g. to be taken with 50 mi. water twice a Jay.