Stone in bladder - Pathari

Ajananamika is a disease characterized by the appearance of a small, soft and copper coloured pustules in the lid near a hair follicle accompanied by mild pain like pricking and burning sensation.

A. While pus has not set in, any one of the following preparations may be used externally on the pustule.

1. Apply Lepa (plaster) of seed of Eraa (castor), Sphaika (alum) and Tankana (borax).

2. Foment with cotton dipped in warm water and properly squeezed.

3. Rub leaf of Badara (jujube) on the affected part.

4. After washing the hands, rub two fingers of one hand on the palm of the other the when hot foment the abscess.

B. if the pus has set in remove it by pressing and treat it as Vraa.