Tonsillitis - Galatuika Sotha

an inability to move your head normally.
neck pain or stiffness.
a headache.
having one shoulder higher than the other.
swollen neck muscles.
a tilting of your chin to one side.

Compound Preparations

1. Yogaraja Guggulu: 2 to 4 pills to be taken with warm three times a day.

External Applications

1. Make Nasya (nasal drops) of decoction of Pacamula or of DaSamula; its 2 to 4 drops to be instilled in the nose.

2. Massage the neck with ghee wrap with leaf of Arka (mudar) and foment with warm milk.

3. Mix egg of hen with Saindhava (rock-salt) and ghee, and make an emulsion. it is to be used for massage of the affected part.