Urticaria - Pitta Uhana, Pitti Uchalana

unusual vaginal bleeding. bleeding that starts after menopause. bleeding between periods in premenopausal women. heavy frequent bleeding before or during menopause. ...
unusual vaginal discharge. foul smelling. pus-like. blood tinged.
pain during intercourse.
pelvic pain or pressure.

Treatment should generally be undertaken only after it has been ascertained by a gynecologist that conception has not occurred.

Simple Preparations

1. Equal part of powder of Ghrta Bhrsa Hingu (asafoetida) and Bharangi-3 to 6 g. to be taken with decoction of Krsa Tila (black sesame)-14 to 28 ml. twice a day.

2. Kalka (paste) of equal part of fruit of MiSreya (fennel), bark of Karaja (indian beach), wood of Devadaru (deodar), Bharangi and root of Pippali (long pepper)-14 to 28 g. to be taken twice a day.

3. Siddha Ghrta Prepared with seed of PalaSa (bastard teak) and Ksara Jala to be taken in 12 to 24 g. dose with 1 g. powder of Trikau, 1 g. Yavaksara and 7 to 14 ml. Madya (wine) twice a day.