Vulvitis -

Blurred vision; patient in from of his eyes sees imaginary things like cobwebs, hair, flies, mosquito, circle etc; and to him objects look cloudy, are the initial symptoms. in advanced stage of the disease, far objects are seen near and near objects seen far off, and loss of acuteness in vision like inability to thread a needle are the common symptoms.

Single Drugs

1. Svarasa (juice) of Bakula 7 to 14 ml., to be taken with honey.

2. Svarasa (juice) of Dhanyaka (coriander) 7 to 14 ml., to be taken with 5 to 10 g. honey.

Simple Preparations

1. Decoction of fruit of MesaSrngi (indian screw tree) 14 to 28 ml., to be taken with 5 to 10 g. Ghrta (ghee) twice a day.

2. Decoction of Triphala 14 to 28 ml. to be taken with 5 to 10 g. Ghrta (ghee) and warm water thrice a day.

3. Make an Ajana of root of Punarnava (pigweed) in Ghrta (ghee) and apply in the eyes twice a day.

4. Leaf of Brahmi fried in ghee is to be taken in 3 to 6 g. dose with 1 g. Saindhava or powdered leaf of Brahmi 3 to 6 g. is to be taken with meal twice a day.

Compound Preparations

1. Triphala Cura: 2 to 6 g., to be taken with 12 to 24 g. honey thrice a day.

2. Triphala Ghrta: 12 to 24 g., to be taken with powder of Triphala and root of Yasimadhu mixed in honey two times a day.

3. Saptamrta Lauha: 1 g., to be taken with honey and ghee two times a day.