Burning sensation and pruritis of the vulva - Yoni Daha, Yoni Men Khujali

1. Plusa: These are the simple burns where colour of the skin is considerably affected and the skin is shrivelled as a result of scorching.

2. Durdagdha: The burns in which small or large vesicles appear with surrounding redness, sensation of extreme burning and sucking pain are known as Durdagdha. in this type of burn, pus may also form.

3. Samyagdagdha: The burns which are not deep and take the colour of dates with intense burning sensation are defined as Samyagdagdha.

4. Atidagdha: The burn which causes much injury leading to slough and destruction of vein, nerve and bone is called Atidagdha. in this type of burn complications like fever, burning sensation, thirst and unconsciousness may develop and the wounds heal slowly leaving big scars.