Carbuncle - Prameha Piika

Early caries may not have any symptoms. Later, when the decay has eaten through the enamel, the teeth may be sensitive to sweet, hot or cold foods or drinks.

Gausa of any of the following preparations

1. Take decoction of equal part of whole plant of Brhati and Kaakari, bark of Bhukadamba (smaller kadam) and root of Eraa (castor), add to it Tila Taila (gingelly oil) one fourth part, and use as Gausa.

2. Solution of Yavaksara 1 g. in 50 ml. water.

3. Fill cavity of the tooth with Hingu (asafoetida) fried in ghee.

4. Apply Lavanga Taila (clove oil) on the tooth.

5. Apply irimedadi Taila on the tooth.