Caries of the teeth - Danta Men Kia Lagana

Symptoms Partial or complete opacity of the eye lens may be known as Timira. in its initial stage vision of the patient is impaired and he sees imaginary things like cobweb. With the progress of the disease impairment of vision also increases. in the last complete loss of vision may occur.

Simple Preparations

1. Triphala Cura 6 to 12 g., to be taken with 12 to 24 g. Ghrta (ghee) thrice a day.

2. Ghrta Siddha with rhizome of Haridra (turmeric) and root of USira (khas) 12 to 24 g., to be taken twice a day.

3. Equal part of powder of Triphala, root of Yasimadhu (glycyrrhiza) 3 to 6 g. to be taken with honey or Ghrta (ghee) thrice a day.

4. Ghrta Siddha with equal part of decoction of leaf of Paola (a variety of small cucumber-snake gourd), juice of Nimbu (lemon) and stem of Guuci is to be taken in 12 to 25 g. done thrice a day.

5. Ghrta Siddha with decoction of root-bark of NiSotha (turpeth) is to be taken in 12 to 24 g. dose with DaSamula Kvatha 14 to 28 ml., thrice a day.

6. Ghrta Siddha with the decoction of root of USira (khas), leaves of Pipala, Plaksa, Parasapipala and Udumbara (gular-fig) with Praksepa of powder of rhizome of Haridra (turmeric) and root of USira (khas) is to be taken in 12 to 24 g. dose twice a day.

External Applications

1. Ajana of Rasajana, kasisa (green vitriol) and Gua (jaggery) to be applied in the eye.

2. Ajana of powder of equal part of fruit of Pippali (long pepper) and Saindhava (rock-salt) prepared in honey is to be applied in the eye.

3. Take 1 litre fruit juice ofAmalaki (embelic myrobalan), concentrate to it and add Ghrta (ghee) 50 g. and honey 50 g. it is to be applied in the eye.

4. Retain a Kavala (mouth wash) of cold water in the mouth.

5. Wash eyes with cold water or with the decoction of Triphala.

Diseases of the eye, should not be ignored. After preliminary treatment, a specialist should always be consulted.


Yava (barley), Sali (red variety of rice), Mudga (phaseolus bean), Tikta Dravya; Puraa Ghrta (old ghee), Karpura (camphor), Candana (sandal), Ajana of Naridugdha (human milk) are useful for the patients of eye diseases.


Vidhahi, Tiksa and KauAhara; Usa and Guru Dravya; sprouted grains, articles prepared from Taila, curd, sour, salt; fish, meat and wine; leaf of Badara (jujube); Kalinda (water melon fruit) are harmful for the patient of eye diseases.

Suppression of emesis, urge of sleep and calls of nature; grief, sexual intercourse, tears; constant seeing of minute objects and sunrays; dust, smoke, excessive walking, meals in the late night should be avoided.