Cataract - Motiyabinda

Due to excessive walking or dryness caused by Vayu, the painful fissures appear in the sides of the sole and base of the toes and this condition is known as Padadari.

External Applications

1. Apply Tila Taila (gingelly oil) and foment the affected part.

2. Mix Ghrta (ghee) 12 g. or Madhucchisa (bees-wax) 12 g. with Yavaksara 4 g. and apply on the affected part.

3. Prepare Lepa of equal part of powdered Rala (oleoresin of Sala), Saindhava (rock-salt), honey and Ghrta (ghee) by mixing it in Sarsapa Taila (mustard oil) and apply on the affected part.

4. Sarjarasadi Lepa: to be applied on the affected part.