Deafness - Baharapana

Dry, sticky mouth
Sleepiness or tiredness children are likely to be less active than usual
Decreased urine output
No wet diapers for three hours for infants
Few or no tears when crying
Dry skin
Dizziness or lightheadedness

in Severe case of Daha patient may be covered with wet sheet and spray of cold water may be given to the head. For other patients bath may be given with cold water which is medicated by adding the powder of rhizome of Sugandha Bala (valerian), woods of Padma (wild cherry) and Candana (sandal); and root of USira (khas).

Simple Preparations

1. Fluid obtained from the fruit of Narikela (coconut) is to be taken frequently.

Single Drugs

1. Svarasa (juice) of fresh root of Satavari (wild asparagus) 50 ml., oil of fruit of MiSreya (fennel) 5 ml. and Sarkara (raw sugar) 100 g. mixed with 500 ml. water is to be taken in 14 to 56 ml. dose three times in a day.

2.Amra Panaka or Kubjaka Panaka or Ketaki Panaka or USira Panaka 14 to 56 ml., to be taken many times a day. Cold water or Panaka should be given only in small quantity at a time to the patient.

Compound Preparations

1. Guuci Satva: 120 to 250 mg., to be taken with 50 to 100 ml. water three times a day.

2. Pravala Pisi: 120 to 250 mg., to be taken with 5 to 10 g. honey three times a day.

3. USirasava: 14 to 28 ml. to be taken with equal quantity of water twice a day after meal.

For Vertigo and Unconsciousness in Daha

1. Mrta-Sajivani Sura: 14 to 28 ml. is to be taken with equal quantity of water twice a day after meal.

2. Steep thick pieces of woolen cloth in boiling water, squeeze, add few drops of turpentine oil and apply while tepid warm on the front portion of the neck of the patient and then wrap lightly by dry cloth or plant leaf.

3. in case of collapse or excessive cooling-indicated by very slow pulse, cover the patient with warm blanket and warm the room with smokeless fire.

4. Lepa prepared either by boiling or roasting the fruit ofAmra (mango) is to be applied on the body.


sasika Sali (a variety of rice), seeds of Mudga (phaseolus bean) and Yava (barley), Maa, Laja (pop of paddy); milk, butter, Sarkara (raw sugar), Masa Rasa (meat soup); fruits of Kusmaa (a variety of pumpkin gourd-white gourd), Kadali (banana) and Paola (a variety of small cucumber-snake gourd), leaf of Parpaa (five leaved fumitory), fruits of Parusaka (Asiatic grewia), Priyala (cuddapah almond) and Srngaaka (water chestnut), flower of Madhuka (mahuwa), Draksa (raisin or grape fruit), and fruit of Narikela (coconut) and Tala (date) are the useful articles of diet for the patient of Daha.


Kau and Tikta Rasa, Usa Dravya, Tambula (betel), incompatible items of food in diet are harmful for the patient of Daha. Suppression of calls of nature, riding, excessive walking, exercise, sexual intercourse and movement in sun should be avoided.