Dysentery - PeciSa

in this disease, the child passes yellow, blue or blood mixed loose stools with considerable loss of water. Other accompanied symptoms are thirst, burning sensation, fainting and ulceration of the anus.

Single Drugs

1. Powder of Krsa Tila (black sesame), to be taken with Aja Dugdha (goats milk) three times a day.

2. Powder of fruit of Daima (pomegranate) or bark of Kuaja (kurchi), to be taken thrice a day.

3. Powder bark of Daima (pomegranate) or bark of Kuaja (kurchi), to be taken with honey thrice a day.

Simple Preparations

1. Take Svarasa (juice) of leaf of Bilva (bael) 6 ml. and add to it powdered seed of Sveta Jiraka (cumin) 8 g. and powdered Rala (oleo-resin of Sala) 8 g. This is specially useful for infants passing blood in stool. The dose is according to the age.

2. Decoction of equal part of bark of Kuaja (kurchi), root of Ativisa (indian atees), fruit pulp of Bilva (bael) and Suddha Gairika (purified ochre), to be given according the age of the child.

3. Ksirapaka of equal part of fruit pulp of Bilva (bael), indrayava (kurchi seed), Mocarasa (gum of silk cotton tree) and root of Mustaka (motha) prepared in Aja Dugdha (goats milk), to be taken thrice a day.