Eczema of the scrotum -

Symptoms of acute infection of elephantiasis are:

Pain in testicles
Pain above testicles
Enlarged groin lymph nodes
Symptoms of chronic infection of elephantiasis are:

Massively swollen legs, genitalia and breasts
White urinary discharge
Swollen liver
Swollen spleen

Complete rest during fever and maximum use of Rasona (garlic) in the food.

Single Drugs

1. Powdered seed of Vidhara-3 to 6 g. to be taken with Gomutra (cows urine)-7 to 14 ml. twice a day.

2. Powdered rhizome of Haridra (turmeric)-3 to 6 g. to be taken with Gua (jaggery)-6 g. and Gomutra-7 to 14 ml. twice a day.

Simple Preparations

1. Decoction of root or leaf or bark of Sakhoaka-14 to 28 ml. to be taken twice a day.

2. Powdered fruit rind of Haritaki (chebulic myrobalan) fried in Eraa Taila (castor oil) to be taken in 3 to 6 g. dose with warm water or 50 ml. milk twice a day.

Compound Preparations

1. Majishadi Kvatha: 14 to 28 ml. to be taken twice a day.

2. Nityananda Rasa: 1 to 2 Vai to be taken with 50 ml. water twice a day.

External Applications

Hot Lepa of equal part of Kalka of leaf of Dhattura (datura), Eraa (castor), and Nirgui, bark of Sigru (horse radish) and root of Sveta Punarnava in Sarsapa Taila (mustard oil) to be applied on the affected part.


Seeds of Yava (barley) and Kulattha (dolichos bean), Taula (rice); leaf of Paola (a variety of small cucumber), fruits of Sigru (horse radish) and Karavellaka (bitter gourd); root of Punarnava (pig weed); Mulaka (radish), leaf of Upodika (indian spinach), bulb of Rasona (garlic); Eraa Taila (castor oil) are useful for the patient of Slipada.


Guru, Abhisyandi, Pisamaya Dravya, milk products are harmful for the patient of Slipada.