Elephantiasis - Hathi Pav

A weak or slow urinary stream.
A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying.
Difficulty starting urination.
Frequent urination.
Urgency to urinate.
Getting up frequently at night to urinate.
A urinary stream that starts and stops.
Straining to urinate.

Single Drugs

1. Powdered Bhasma of Badarapasaa 250 to 500 mg. is to be taken with 50 to 100 ml. water twice a day.

Simple Preparations

1. Silajatu 1 g., to be taken with 250 ml. milk twice a day.

2. Decoction of fruit of Goksura (small caltrops) 14 to 28 ml., to be taken with 14 g. honey and 25 g. Sarkara (raw sugar), twice a day.

3. Fresh juice obtained from the fruit pulp of Kusmaa (a kind of pumpkin gourd) is to be taken in 56 ml. dose with 0.5 g. Yavaksara and 25 g. Sarkara (raw sugar) twice a day.

4. Kalka (paste) prepared from 2 g. wood of Sveta Candana (white sandal) in 2 ml. water is to be taken with 56 ml. Taulodaka (rice washing) and 25 g. Sarkara (raw sugar), twice a day.

5. Seed of Karkai (cucumber) 25 g. bruised in 25 ml. Kaji with 4 g. Saindhava (rock-salt) is to be divided in two doses. One dose is to be taken in the morning and one in the evening.

6. Powder of equal part of seed of Karkai (cucumber), Saindhava (rock-salt) and Triphala (fruit rind of three myrobalans) 3 to 6 g., to be taken with 50-100 ml. warm water twice a day.

Pathya and Apathya

Follow the directions given under the Pathya and Apathya ofAntarika Vidradhi.