Enlargment of liver and spleen - Jigara Bahana; Tilli Bahana

Continuous fever or more than 7 days duration is generally taken as Santata Jvara (antrika Jvara). it may continue upto 4 to 5 weeks. its other symptoms include constipation or loose motions, heavily coated tongue with white fur, comparatively slow pulse, appearance of small rose-coloured spots on 7th to 12th day of fever, intense feeling of burning outside and inside, thirst and heaviness in the body. in the third week patient may have extreme lethargy, drowsiness and fainting.

Simple Preparations

1. Decoction of equal part of whole plant of Kiratatikta (chirata), roots of Mustaka (motha) and Paha (false pareira), stem of Guuci, Suhi (dried ginger), rhizome of Balaka (valerian) and stem of Kamala (lotus) 14 to 28 ml., to be taken three times a day.

2. Prepare Sita Kasaya from equal part of fruit of Parusaka (asiatic grewia), Triphala, woods of Devadaru (deodar), Rakta-Candana (red Sandal) and Padmaka (wild cherry), bark of Kaphala (box myrtle), rhizome of Kauki and whole plant of PrSnipari. Liquid thus obtained is to be taken in 14 to 28 ml. dose three times a day.

Compound Preparations

1. Siddha PraeSvara Rasa: 1 to 2 Vai, to be taken with 5 to 10 g. honey or 50 to 100 ml. warm water three times day.

2. Saubhagya Vai: 120 t0 250 mg., to be taken with honey three times a day.