Food poisoning - ahara Visa

Sandhi-Bhagna (Dislocation): Due to trauma if the only displacement of the joint occurs then this condition is known as Sandhi-Bhagna. Loss of movements like contraction, expansion etc. at the affected joint and severe pain on the slightest touch are the main symptoms of Sandhi-Bhagna (dislocation).

Kaa-Bhagna (Fracture): Breaking of the bone is known as Kaa-Bhagna. Looseness, swelling, intense pain and tenderness in the affected part, and no relief of pain in any posture are the main symptoms of Kaa-Bhagna.

Support the fractured part with splint after bringing the bones to normal position as far as possible, pack with cotton, apply bandage and give rest and support. For setting of bone consult a bone expert. Following treatment is useful for the early healing of the settled bone.

Simple Preparations

1. Take equal part of stem of Asthisanharaka, purified Laksa (lac), Godhuma (wheat) and bark of Arjuna, and make the power. its 3 to 6 g. is to be taken with 50 ml. water twice a day.

Compound Preparations

1. Powdered and purified (Suddha) Laksa (lac) 1 to 3 g. is to be taken with sufficient honey to make a paste, twice a day.

2. Laksadi Guggulu: 2 to 4 pills, to be taken with 50 ml. warm water twice a day.

External Applications

1. Give cold water stream on the injured part.

2. Apply cold poultice of muck soil drawn from a water source.

3. Give a stream of freshly expelled Taila (Oil).

4. Boil Laghu Paca Mula in 100 ml. of milk or water and give a stream on the affected part while it is luke-warmth.

5. Asthi-Sandhanaka Taila: to be applied on the affected part.

6. Take roots of Majisha (madder) and Madhuyasi (glycyrrhiza) in equal part, bruise in Kaji and mix Satadhauta Ghrta and apply as Lepa (plaster).

7. Grind Sali variety of rice in Satadhauta Ghrta and apply as Lepa (plaster).


Red Sali variety of rice, Godhuma (wheat), soup of Satina (Pea); milk, ghee, oil, meat soup and honey; bulb of Rasona (garlic), leaf of Paola (a variety of small cucumber), fruit of Sigru (horse-radish), Draksa (raisin or grape fruit); fruit rind ofAmalaki (embelic myrobalan) are the useful articles of diet for the patient of Asthi-Bhanga.


Amla, Lavaa, Kau, Ksara and Ruksa Dravya are harmful for the patients of fracture and dislocation. Open sun, physical exercise and sexual intercourse should be avoided.