Grey hair - Bala Sapheda Hona

in case the parasite gets out in its full length there is no trouble. if the parasite is broken then the symptoms may reappear through another eruption. Due to neglect broken parasites in the arm or groin cause gradual loss of muscular tone of the part leading to lameness.

Once the parasite is seen at the ruptured site, it should be carefully taken out by winding the parasite on a fine stick after applying a lepa of Devadali at the site.

Simple Preparations

1. Svarasa (juice) of Nirgui - 100 ml. to be taken with cows ghee 3 days.

2. Suddha Kupilu Bija Majja - 10 mg. to be taken with 4 to 6 g. honey twice a day.

3. Bilva (bael)- 10 leaves, Dhattura (datura) 1/2 leaf, Suddha Sphaika (alum)- 4 g. to be taken in 3 to 4 g. dose with cows ghee sufficient to make a paste twice a day.

4. Powdered root of Sariva (indian sarsaparilla), Krsa Sariva (black sarsaparilla), whole plants of Brhati and Kaakari (yellow berried night shade-both varieties), rhizome of Haridra (turmeric), stem of Daruharidra (barberry), roots of Meda, Mahameda, and USira (khas), wood of Sveta Candana (white sandal), Suhi (dried ginger), fruit fo Yavani (ptychotis), 12 g. of each to be mixed with Rajata Bhasma-190 g. its 120 to 240 mg. to be taken with 4 to 6 g. ghee twice a day.

External Applications

1. Lepa (Plaster) of equal part of leaf and root of Sigru (horse-radish) and Saindhava (rock-salt) in Kaji to be applied on the affected part.

Pathya and Apathya

As for Vata Vyadhi.