Localised abdominal tumour or swelling - Vayugola

Common first signs of tetanus are a headache and muscular stiffness in the jaw (lockjaw) followed by stiffness of the neck, difficulty swallowing, hardening of abdominal muscles, spasms, sweating, and fever. Symptoms usually begin around eight days after infection, but may range in onset from three days to three weeks.

1. Gargle with salt water.

2. Take a Kavala (mouth wash) of Tila Taila (gingerly oil).

Simple Preparations

1. Take bulb of Rasona (garlic)-6 to 12 g., Saindhava (rock-salt)-1 g., Tila taila (gingelly oil)-6 to 12 g. thrice a day.

2. Make Vaaka in Tila Taila (gingelly oil) by adding Rasona (garlic)-1 g. and Masa (decorticated black phaseolus bean)-100 g. mixed Saindhava-2 g.,Ardraka (ginger)-5 g. it is to be taken thrice a day.

Compound Preparations

1. Maha-Yogaraja Guggulu: 2 to 4 Vai be taken with honey or Sarkara (raw sugar) and Navanita (butter)-4 to 6 g. twice a day.

2. Prasarai Taila: 12 to 24 g. to be taken with warm water once a day.

External Applications

1. Bala Taila for massage.

2. Prasarai Taila for massage.