Dracontiasis - Naruva

Appearance of dark or dark brown coloured vesicles on the skin in the group form with itching and excessive discharge is known as Vicarcika.

External Applications

1. Take stem of Snuhi without its thorns, pack in it 50 g. Kalka of seed of Sarsapa (mustard), cover it with clay and cook in fire. After self cooling mix it with Sarsapa Taila (mustard oil) and apply as Lepa on the affected part.

2. Prepare a Lepa (plaster) by fermenting the seeds of Cakramarda (foetid cassia), Tila (sesame), Sarsapa (mustard) and Vidanga, root of Kusha (koot) and fruit of Pippali (long pepper) in water obtained from curd, till obnoxious smell appears. it is to be applied on the affected part.

3. Take stem of Sunhi (milk-hedge), remove its thorns, fill in it Saindhava (rock salt) 50 g. and Kitchen black 50 g., keep it in earthen pot, seal the junctions and cook in fire. On self cooling take out the drug from the earthen pot and prepare Malhara in Sarsapa Taila (mustard oil). it is to be applied on the affected part.

4. Pia Taila: to be applied on the affected part.